Credit Card Authorization Form

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I Agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below.
I am authorizing Lavdas Limousine Service to execute transaction for transportation service on my credit card listed below.  This is for the $200 non-refundable deposit for an hourly run OR airport/transfer service.   I also authorize Lavdas Limousine Service to charge my credit card below for any balance due for booking after initial deposit is paid and/or any additional charges which may have incurred by passengers, or myself including, but not limited to, parking/toll charges, overtime charges (occupying the vehicle beyond my scheduled ending time) and damage and/or cleaning charges.   There is a $150 charge for vomit or extra cleaning time. "HAZARDOUS MATERIAL CLEAN UP:   In the case that something happens when in the vehicle, there will be a $150.00 fine for the sanitation and cleaning of the vehicle. For any damage to vehicle the amount to fix/replace damage vehicle will be assessed.   Please note overtime is paid in CASH ONLY.      No Credit Cards for overtime.   No refunds for time not used.   Downsizing vehicles not permitted once booking is made. Hours may not be reduced once booking is made. Shuttle Bus Service Notice: Having set schedules for shuttling service works the very best.  Suggested times will be suggested based on time it takes in a bus for a round trip allowing for loading and unloading passengers.      These times are suggested times.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure these times work for your event taking location, time and traffic into consideration.   Also, it is the clients’ responsibility to inform your guests of the shuttle times and get the guests to the bus. Please Note:  Any additional monies owed for service including balance of run or overtime charges MUST BE paid on the day of the run in CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK ONLY! 

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